Cordless Rechargeable Power Scrubber With Sparkling End Results!

The scrubber is powered with the built-in battery which when turned on with the use of a button, spin the head of the scrubber at 300 RPM. And the scrubber will get the job done within seconds. You will agree with me that it is quite difficult at times to clean tiles in the bathroom that is clogged with dirt and stain.

A larger percentage of people will agree to the fact that they make use of chemicals and brush to clean in which doesn’t prove effective leaving you to having pains in your arm and back. With the use of the hurricane scrubber, you don’t need to exert pressure as the scrubber get the work done easily.


The scrubber comes with different head type that is assigned for different application. All that is required is to place the particular head needed and let the scrubber get the work done. It is an electric device that is powered by battery that is rechargeable.
The hurricane spin scrubber works by pressing the button on the device and then allow the motor to work by rotating the head so as to get the work done without stress. It can be recharged through the use of the small port at the back of the handle. When fully charged, it can work for a longer period of time.Use it on tile, hardwood, marble, linoleum or oilcloth and there is no need to worry about scratches or scuff marks. The sleek and lightweight design makes it easy to use and convenient for people of all ages.