No Man’s Sky – Meet New Powerful Mechs from Update

No Man’s Sky

The Exo Mech update for No Man’s Sky has shown up on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

No Man’s Sky has kept on updating post-release with various fixes and edition releases. Beginning today, the Exo Mech Update permits players to steer the Minotaur Exocraft total with shields and protections to deal with dangerous situations. Drive through extraordinary temperatures, radiation, and that’s just the beginning.

Meet the New No Man’s Sky Mechs

The feature of this most recent update is the presentation of “completely controllable mechanical walkers.” After introducing the update, players can get the Minotaur, another sort of Exocraft that can jump immense separations and shield its pilot from every planetary peril. The mech can likewise gather materials and be moved up to the control landscape.

Notwithstanding the abovementioned, all Exocrafts would now be able to be overhauled with sun based boards that will energize the motor in the day and a Signal Booster that uncovers every single close by a focal point when examining.

Different changes incorporate new Exocraft decals, visual upgrades, a goals scale choice for PC, and the capacity to handicap the multifaceted nature limit on a reassure.

Numerous Features on Mech

You have a jetpack on your mech also, giving you the option of driving through the air at high speeds. Alongside the new option, there is a huge number of different changes right now well, you can look at them at the official site here. Goodness, and look at this spiffy new trailer displaying the new mechs.

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