An Improve Over Common Threadripper?

An Upgrade Over Regular Threadripper?

For the reason that launch of AMD’s Threadripper Professional platform, the will to see what eight channels of reminiscence brings to compute over the common quad-channel Threadripper has been an intriguing prospect. Threadripper Professional is successfully a sooner model of AMD’s EPYC, restricted for single CPU workstation use, but in addition heralds a full 280 W TDP to match the frequencies of the usual Threadripper line. There’s a 37% value premium from Threadripper to Threadripper Professional, which permits for ECC reminiscence help, double the PCIe lanes, and double the reminiscence bandwidth. On this evaluation, we’re evaluating each member of each platforms that’s commercially out there.

Threadripper Professional: Born of Want

When AMD embarked upon its journey with the brand new Ryzen portfolio, the delineation of the place every product sat within the conventional market has not at all times been completely clear. The primary technology Ryzen was earmarked for traditional shoppers, nevertheless the highest of the road Ryzen 7 1800X, with eight cores, competed towards Intel’s high-end desktop market. The Zen 2-based portfolio noticed the mainstream Ryzen go to 16 cores, pushing previous Intel’s greatest 18-core HEDT processor on the time in most checks. That Zen 2-based Ryzen 9 3950X was nonetheless categorised as a ‘mainstream platform’ processor, because it solely had 24 PCIe lanes and dual-channel reminiscence, adequate for mainstream customers however not sufficient for workstation markets. These mainstream processors had been additionally restricted to 105W TDP.

On the different finish of the size was AMD EPYC, with the primary technology EPYC 7601 having 32 cores, and the second technology EPYC 7742 having 64 cores, as much as 225W TDP. These share the identical LGA4094 socket, have eight channels of reminiscence, full ECC help, and 128 PCIe lanes (first PCIe 3.0, then PCIe 4.0), with dual-socket help. For workstation customers interested by EPYC, AMD launched single socket ‘P’ variations. These provided the identical options, at round 200 TDP, dropping some efficiency to the common non-P variations.

AMD then launched Threadripper, a high-end desktop model of EPYC that went all the best way as much as 280 W for peak frequency and efficiency. Threadripper sat above Ryzen with 64 PCIe lanes and quad channel reminiscence, enabling mainstream customers that wished a bit extra to get a bit extra. Nevertheless workstation customers famous that whereas 280 W was nice, it lacked official ECC reminiscence help, and in comparison with EPYC, generally the diminished reminiscence channel help and diminished PCIe in comparison with EPYC stopped Threadripper being adopted.

So enter Threadripper Professional, which sits between Threadripper and EPYC, and on this occasion, very rather more on the EPYC facet. Threadripper Professional has virtually all of the options of AMD’s EPYC platform, however in a 280W thermal envelope. It has eight channels of reminiscence help, all 128 PCIe 4.0 lanes, and might help ECC. The one draw back to EPYC is that it may solely be utilized in single socket programs, and the height reminiscence help is halved (from 4 TB to 2 TB). Threadripper Professional additionally comes at a small value premium as nicely.

AMD Comparability
AnandTech Ryzen Threadripper Threadripper


Cores 6-16 32-64 12-64 16-64
Structure Zen 3 Zen 2 Zen 2 Zen 3
1P Flagship R9


TR Professional 3995WX EPYC

MSRP $799 $3990 $5490 $5010
TDP 105 W 280 W 280 W 225 W
Base Freq 3400 MHz 2900 MHz 2700 MHz 2000 MHz
Turbo Freq 4900 MHz 4300 MHz 4200 MHz 3675 MHz
Socket AM4 sTRX40 sTRX4: WRX80 SP3
L3 Cache 64 MB 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB
DRAM 2 x DDR4-3200 4 x DDR4-3200 8 x DDR4-3200 8 x DDR4-3200
DRAM Capability 128 GB 256 GB 2 TB, ECC 4 TB, ECC
PCIe 4.0 x20 +

4.0 x56 + chipset 4.0 x120 + chipset 4.0 x128
Professional Options No No Sure Sure

One of many greatest pulls for Threadripper and Threadripper Professional has been any market that usually makes use of high-speed workstations and might scale their workloads. Chatting with an area OEM, the demand for Threadripper and Threadripper Professional from the visible results trade has been off the charts, the place these firms are ripping out their outdated infrastructure and changing anew with AMD. This has additionally been spurned by the current pandemic, the place these studios need to preserve the costly {hardware} onsite and permit their artists to do business from home through distant entry.

Threadripper Professional CPUs: 4 Fashions, Three at Retail

When TR Professional launched in 2020, the processors had been a Lenovo unique for the P620 workstation. The deal between Lenovo and AMD was not disclosed, nevertheless it will seem that the exclusivity deal ran for six months, from September to February, with the processors being made retail out there on March 2nd.

Throughout that point, we had been sampled one among these workstations for evaluation, and it nonetheless stays top-of-the-line modular programs I’ve ever examined:

Lenovo ThinkStation P620 Evaluate: A Car for Threadripper Professional

AMD’s first Threadripper Professional platform has 4 processors in it, starting from 12 cores to 64 cores, mimicking their equivalents in Threadripper 3000 and EPYC 77×2 however at 280W.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Professional
AnandTech Cores Base


Chiplets L3

TDP Value

3995WX 64 / 128 2700 4200 8 + 1 256 MB 280 W $5490
3975WX 32 / 64 3500 4200 4 + 1 128 MB 280 W $2750
3955WX 16 / 32 3900 4300 2 + 1 64 MB 280 W $1150
3945WX 12 / 24 4000 4300 2 + 1 64 MB 280 W OEM

Sitting on the high is the 64-core Threadripper Professional 3995WX, with a 2.7 GHz base frequency and a 4.2 GHz turbo frequency. This processor is the one one within the household to have all 256 MB of L3 cache, because it has all eight chiplets absolutely lively. The $5490 value is a full 37.5% enhance over the Threadripper 3990X at $3990.

AMD 64-Core Zen 2 Comparability
AnandTech Threadripper


Professional 3995WX

MSRP $3990 $5490 $4425
TDP 280 W 280 W 200 W
Base Freq 2900 MHz 2700 MHz 2000 MHz
Turbo Freq 4300 MHz 4200 MHz 3350 MHz
L3 Cache 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB
DRAM 4 x DDR4-3200 8 x DDR4-3200 8 x DDR4-3200
DRAM Capability 256 GB 2 TB, ECC 4 TB, ECC
PCIe 4.0 x56 + chipset 4.0 x120 + chipset 4.0 x128
Professional Options No Sure Sure

Center of the road is the 32-core Threadripper Professional 3975WX, with a 3.5 GHz base frequency and a 4.2 GHz turbo frequency. AMD determined to make this processor use 4 chiplets with all eight cores on every chiplet, resulting in 128 MB of L3 cache whole. At $2750, additionally it is 37.5% costlier than the equal 32-core Threadripper 3970X.

AMD 32-Core Zen 2 Comparability
AnandTech Threadripper


Professional 3975WX

MSRP $3990 $2750 $2300
TDP 280 W 280 W 180 W
Base Freq 3700 MHz 3500 MHz 2500 MHz
Turbo Freq 4500 MHz 4200 MHz 3350 MHz
L3 Cache 128 MB 128 MB 128 MB
DRAM 4 x DDR4-3200 8 x DDR4-3200 8 x DDR4-3200
DRAM Capability 256 GB 2 TB, ECC 4 TB, ECC
PCIe 4.0 x56 + chipset 4.0 x120 + chipset 4.0 x128
Professional Options No Sure Sure

The next two processors don’t have any Threadripper equivalents, but in addition characterize a barely totally different situation that we’ll discover on this evaluation. Each the 3955WX and 3945WX, regardless of being a part of the massive Threadripper Professional household, solely use two chiplets of their design: 8 core per chipet for the 3955 WX and 6 core per chiplet for the 3945WX. This implies these processors solely have 64 MB of L3 cache, making them considerably similar to the Ryzen 9 3950X and Ryzen 9 3900X, besides the IO die means there may be eight channels of reminiscence and 128 PCIe lanes right here.

AMD 16-Core Zen 2/3 Comparability
AnandTech Ryzen 9


Professional 3955WX
Ryzen 9

MSRP $749 $1150 $799
TDP 105 W 280 W 105 W
Base Freq 3500 MHz 3900 MHz 3400 MHz
Turbo Freq 4700 MHz 4300 MHz 4900 MHz
L3 Cache 64 MB 64 MB 64 MB
DRAM 2 x DDR4-3200 8 x DDR4-3200 2 x DDR4-3200
DRAM Capability 128 GB 2 TB, ECC 128 GB
PCIe 4.0 x20

+ chipset
4.0 x120

+ chipset
4.0 x20

+ chipset
Professional Options No Sure No
Motherboard Value +++

The 3955WX has a better base frequency, however the 3950X has the upper turbo frequency. The 3950X can also be cheaper, and motherboards are cheaper! It could be value partitioning these out right into a separate comparability evaluation.

The ultimate Threadripper Professional processor, the 3945WX, doesn’t have a value, as a result of AMD will not be making it out there at retail. This half is for chosen OEM clients solely it appears; maybe the restricted substrate assets available in the market proper now makes it unappealing to make too many of those? Laborious to say.

Motherboards: Beware!

Regardless of being based mostly on the identical LGA4094 socket as each Threadripper and EPYC, Threadripper Professional has its personal distinctive WRX80 platform that must be used as a substitute. Solely choose distributors appear to have entry/licenses to make WRX80 motherboards, and your essential choices are:

All three boards use a transposed LGA4094 socket, eight DDR4 reminiscence slots, and 6-7 PCIe 4.0 slots.

Although beware! There’s an possibility of discovering an outdated/refurbished Lenovo P620 motherboard. It’s value noting that Lenovo is exercising an AMD function for OEMs: processors utilized in that Lenovo motherboard shall be locked to Lenovo eternally. That is a part of AMD’s assured provide chain course of, permitting OEMs to arduous lock processors into sure distributors for provide chain end-to-end safety that’s requested by particular clients. In that occasion, if you happen to may ever need to break down your system to improve and unload elements, it’s not really useful you discover a Lenovo TR Professional system except you purchase/promote it as a complete.

This Evaluate

The primary aim of this evaluation is to check all the Threadripper Professional 3000 {hardware} and examine towards the equal Threadripper 3000 to get a way of how a lot efficiency is gained by the elevated reminiscence bandwidth, or misplaced because of the slight core frequency variations. We’re additionally together with Intel’s greatest HEDT/workstation processor for comparability, the W-3175X, in addition to the highest consumer-grade processors available on the market. All programs are examined at JEDEC specs.

Check Setup

TR Professional


ASUS Professional WS





8×16 GB

DDR4-3200 ECC

TR 3990X

TR 3970X

TR 3960X





4×32 GB



X570 I Aorus




4×32 GB


i9-11900K ASUS






4×32 GB


Xeon W-3175X ASUS ROG


BIOS 0601 Asetek


GPU Sapphire RX 460 2GB (CPU Checks)
PSU Numerous (inc. Corsair AX860i)
SSD Essential MX500 2TB
*Silverstone SST-FHP141-VF 173 CFM followers additionally used. Good and loud.

Many because of Kingston for supplying a full set of KSM32RD8/16MEI – 16×16 GB of DDR4-3200 ECC RDIMMs for enterprise testing in programs like Threadripper Professional.

As a part of this evaluation, we’re additionally showcasing the 64 core processors in 128T mode in addition to 64T mode. That is being accomplished to showcase how some processors can get higher efficiency by having higher reminiscence bandwidth per thread – one of many points with these excessive core rely processors is the restricted quantity of reminiscence bandwidth every thread can entry. Additionally, some working programs (equivalent to Home windows) wrestle above 64 threads because of the usage of thread teams.

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